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The ABS Gym and ABS powerlifting team is one of the most experienced gyms in the country. around %50 of our Powerlifting team work in the health and fitness industry and range from all ages to young juniors to master lifters.

We are looking for juniors aged between 12-18 who are enthusiastic, have fun and follow discipline. No experience in powerlifting is need, but a sporting background is preferred.

WDFPF Moldova Shane 15 Year old Shane at the WDFPF World Championships in Moldova


Every junior will first have to go through a series of technique coaching and developing basic movements. This will not only allow them to develop good technique in the gym but will help them in other sports. Strength training is big part of any professional athletes training routine and the younger we can get kids and young adults involved the better!

There will be coaching sessions on a Thursday evening and Sunday at 11:00. We also have a adults beginners class on at 11 so you’re more than welcome to bring you children along go and train and then meet up at the end. We already have some juniors training with parents and uncles on a Sunday.

The first month is 100% free and will be discounted afterwards.

To apply simply fill in the form below and one of our coaches will be in contact with you!


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