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Among not soaked up антацидных preparations most frequently in treatment of patients in Russia are used Алмагель Нео, ритоцид, тальцид and some other. The majority modern антацидных preparations - the combined medical products containing in the structure aluminium (alongside with others инградиентами), possess enveloping and adsorbing properties at influence on a mucous membrane of the top departments of a gastroenteric path, including a gullet, will neutralize a hydrochloric acid, raise protective properties of a mucous membrane (thanking them цитопротективному to the action connected to stimulation of synthesis простагландинов), influences on эпителиальный the factor of growth and his{its} fixation possess also ability of linkage of bilious acids, in the field of ulcers, местно stimulating репаративно-регенераторные processes, cellular пролиферацию and ангиогенез, reducing risk of damage эпителия capillaries from damaging{injuring} action so-called "ульцерогенных" factors. Aluminium - containing preparations worsen conditions for existence Helicobacter pylori (НР) in a mucous membrane of a stomach, reducing her{it} уреазную activity Подробнее...

The most physiologic at developed дисбиотических the phenomena represents purpose{assignment} biological бактерийных preparations (эубиотиков or пробиотиков). As shows experience of application ББП, to appoint the last only according to changes in microflora of intestines of the patient insufficiently. It is necessary to take into account character and a phase of the basic disease. So, for example, колисодержащие (колибактерин, бификол, etc.), taking into account their expressed stimulating effect, it is expedient to appoint biological preparations the patient with long current of disease (for example, long current of a sharp dysentery). At the same time it is better to refrain from purpose{assignment} of this group of preparations as the patient, for example, with nonspecific ulcer колитом, it is especial in a phase of an aggravation to not aggravate current of illness. The preparations containing бифидобактерии (бифидумбактерин, бифилиз, etc.), Are much more widely used in children's practice at treatment of OKA and the dysbacterioses of intestines developing on a background of other diseases. At adults бифидосодержащие preparations are appointed the patient with the preventive purpose or when on character of disease it is better to refrain from purpose{assignment} колисодержащих biological means. Подробнее...


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